Business plan

We are able to do your business plan any where your factory is located and if made the project by us or not.

Feasibility Study

Your payback should be checked before to decide to make an important investment, then must be done a very reliable feasibility study. Ask to our skilled partners.

3d project

We are able to do projects in 3D of your furnace, your equipment and more, through our team's specialists.
Please consult before going ahead. Also we have and can offer for you a ready project.


Sometime you must see if your project in 3D of your furnace, equipment or more working satisfactory or if you would like to insert in a website or other kind of advertising.

product and process

Developing of process for products, like special ferro alloys and metals, through more than 48 years experience os our team. Please ask us your product process you want to do.


Consultancy in the sectors of Ferro Alloys, Silicon Carbide, Silicon Metal, Siderurgy and special of metallurgy field, like steel production, Pig Iron production, foundry os and spheroidal iron production.
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