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Developing of process for products, like special of Ferro Alloys, Silicon Carbide, Silicon Metal and Pig iron, through more than 48 years experience of our team. Please ask us your product process you want to do, as:


Process for production of ferrosilicon high purity, low Aluminium and low Carbon.


Improvements in the process of Ferro Silicon Alloys, Silicon Metal, Solar Silicon grade 6N produced in submerged arc furnaces, refining and improvement of load.


Ferro Silicon Magnesium production direct from submerged arc furnace or by remelting the Ferro Silicon base.


Process for the production of Silicon Carbide, Syntetic Graphite and ECA.


Process for production of hot Metal n miniblast furnaces, submerged arc furnaces, cubilot furnaces and oxigas furnaces.


Conversion toll of Nobles Ferro Alloys, also could suggest where to do it the conversion and do you just pay the conversion cost, just sending the ore or concentrate and will be return the Nobles Ferro Alloys, please contact us to get the offer for: FeNb, FeW, FeMo, FeTi, FeB, FeV.


Calculation of feeding weight of each constituent and its size for the production of one tonne of Noble Ferro Alloys, through a technical data sheet, TDS, showing the stoichiometric calculation and mass balance, the yield and the energies involved in the process, the melting temperature and the amount of slag obtained, finally the theoretical chemical analysis obtained at Ferro Alloys and slag. We provide a spreadsheet to be able to feeding the raw material in various quantities or percentage of blend and specification, we also be able to do for others metals production, these Stoichiometrical and Thermodynamic calculation dimensioning for hot metal (Pig Iron), bulk and special ferroalloys and for high purity ferro alloys and steel, please see the sample made to one steel makers, concerning of the chill factor adding FeSi75 in a carbon steel, and one spreadsheet page made for the ferro tungsten production by aluminothermic process.


Dimensioning and redimensioning for submerged arc furnaces for ferroalloys production
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